Hello World.

Hello. If you are reading this then you have obviously found the new G-Sport website, congratulations. If you have something better to do, like go riding, then you should probably go and do it, but if you have some time to kill; or the alternative is filling in a tax return or studying or being tortured then you might find this a welcome distraction.

I have been super lax with website stuff for a long time now, I put most of my efforts into product design and development these days but Francis has put in the hours to craft this lovely new home for all things G-Sport so the least I can do is help out with some content.

We aim to have lots of information on here so if there is some data that you want then please get in touch and let us know. We will try to develop the FAQ to house a lot of the more common questions and we should be making videos and all that good stuff to add in too.

Well aside from the new site and a new determination to keep up with this stuff, nothing else has changed much. We are all still focused on making the very best BMX parts possible and trying to improve the riding experience for everyone. We still aim to offer the very best customer service and support and to keep you rolling regardless of what you do to your bike. We dont have a different range of products every year instead we take our time to develop our own ideas and refine them to the highest possible level of performance. For example, the Marmoset hub is something like 8 years old now and still the best there is…