Garrett Reeves – MD to CA

Garrett and I took a short trip to ride the city of Baltimore, Maryland and stack some footage. Baltimore is one of the cities that Garrett rode the most growing up, so now that he resides in Long Beach, CA, it was rad to see him back on home field so to speak. Garrett may be a Long Beach transplant, but I think this video does a good job at showing how his wallride-filled, spot-oriented style of riding was shaped by the East Coast architecture he grew up riding. – Zach Krejmas

Reeves – Long Beach Park Mix

Here’s Garrett Reeves with a Long Beach Park mix from Vital BMX. Generally, park edits are often filled with the same old ingredients but you can always count on Garrett to spice things up a bit. Moves like front side pedal grind to 180 and fast plant nose wheelies make this a refreshing edit to watch.

Reeves – Ride BMX #183 Cover

Garrett knows how to ride a curved wall and the latest cover of Ride BMX is proof. Pick up a copy today and check out his interview. It’s guaranteed to be filled with plenty wildness.

Congrats Garrett!