Pleg 2 – Available Now

The Pleg 2 features a completely re-designed 7075 aluminum core and proprietary plastic sleeve. This new design allows for a smaller overall peg diameter and substantially increases stiffness. The Pleg 2 core runs 3/4’s of the length of the sleeve so direct damage to the core’s end can be avoided, simplifying sleeve removal and maintaining socket fit.

The Pleg 2 is a lightweight peg with significant sleeve thickness for a longer grind life.

Sleeve Material: Proprietary Plastic Blend
Sleeve Length: 100mm / 4″
Sleeve Diameter: 39mm / 1.5″ (“Normal” steel peg diameter)
Core Configuration: 14mm or 3/8″
Core Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Weight: 3.6oz / 102g

Glenhaven Jam


A while back, we sent a box of Plegs over to Dean Dickinson in Portland. They had a jam in Glenhaven Park and the Plegs helped keep everyone grinding. Here are some pics that Dean sent over!

I just wanted to say thanks again for hooking up Portland with all of the Plegs! Our jam went great and kids were stoked! And the city officials were even more stoked on the plegs and the event!


Clear Plegs

Available now in 3/8" and 14mm sizes in Clear and Clear Black

Since we launched the Plegs back in 2007 a lot of people have given them a try. Some have found them fast some have found them slow, some have found they can grind surfaces that were previously too “sticky” for steel and some have found that they can ride parks that previously didn’t allow pegs (or even bikes). Some have loved the differences and some have hated them. But we have always said that it was a product that we wanted to continue to develop and improve.

The latest Plegs use a new formulation of polymer that is harder and longer lasting than the original grade, and of course replacement sleeves are still compatible with original cores.

You can get them in Clear or Clear Black, which is basically black except it now uses the same polymer as the clear Plegs.