Dave Thompson Update

Rail connoisseur, Dave Thompson, is on the road again and he’s currently posted up in the Southern California area for the next few days. He and a few of his buddies will be embarking on a journey up the scenic Highway 1, through Big Sur and San Francisco. Then they’ll probably drive through a tree (literally) in the Redwood forest and eventually make their way to Portland, Oregon. Oh and of course, there’ll most definitely be some BMX action going on.

PHOTOS: 2010 S&M Rail Jam


The 2010 S&M Rail Jam just went down and both Dakota Roche and Dave Thompson put in some solid effort and fired out some wildness. Click around the gallery above to see some of the stuff that went down!

Thompson on Road Fools!

After spending some time across the pond in Europe and a Verde trip up north in Canada, Dave Thompson is now back on US soil. He’s currently relaxing in Wyoming and hanging out with his family. It seems like it might be a chill month or two for Dave but come September, he’ll be going on his first ever Road Fools!

If you haven’t watched his Props bio yet, watch it here.