Dave Thompson – Killjoy Q&A

Dave Thompson has a Q&A up over at Verde talking about his Killjoy video part. In it he talks about the filming process and what was going through his mind in what is possibly the largest gap to rail ever. His ender clip is no joke. Click the photo to read the Q&A.

Dave Thompson in Dig 86

Make sure to pick up the latest issue of Dig Magazine. Not only does Dave Thompson have his first, full on interview in it, there’s also pics of some of the madness that went down in his Killjoy part.

Thompson in Killjoy

Elf (Sean Walters) and Jordan Utley have a new video in the works called Killjoy. Filming is close to getting wrapped up and the premiere will be going down on the 28th of this month in Salt Lake City!

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Defgrip Gallery

The GSport trip is still in progress and so far it’s been a dope trip. Dave Thompson flew in the other day, along with photographer Andrew White. Everybody’s been shredding and getting along. Defgrip just put up a behind the scenes gallery so make sure to check it out!

GSport in SoCal!

We’ll be hitting the streets of SoCal hard this week with Garrett Reeves, Randy Brown, Van Homan and Andrew Jackson. Dave Thompson will be joining us tomorrow as well. So far it’s been a healthy regimen of schools and rooftops. For random updates and pics, follow these twitter accounts:

Garrett Reeves: http://twitter.com/garrettreeves88
Randy Brown: https://twitter.com/RB_SnM
Van Homan: http://twitter.com/twobyfourbmx
GSport: http://twitter.com/gsportbmx

BIKE CHECK: Dave Thompson

Head over to RideBMX.com to check out a full bike check for Dave Thompson. His bike looks slightly different now but he’s still rolling strong on these wheels we posted a while back.

In case you were living under a rock and missed his Prop’s Bio, you can watch it HERE.