25th Year Anniversary / Limited Edition Cyan

You learn a lot in your first 25 years of life. But when you’ve spent 25 years doing one particular thing you can get damn good at it. From the very beginning, G-Sport was focused on one thing, making bike parts that could hold up to everything that you could throw at them. Born in an age of next to useless bikes that rattled, bent and cracked under the most gentle riding, G-Sport offered a way to finally be able to forget about the bike and concentrate on the riding. Over the years we have had our imitators but they have only ever been weak copies.

Wheels have always been the heart of any bike, they make or break how it rides, so for our 25 year anniversary we are pushing the boat out with these limited edition Cyan rims and completes wheels that showcase legendary strength, unmatched smoothness and reliability. The Cyan color works as a nod to blueprints from back in the day, in addition to being an important part of our packaging and branding over the years.

Thank you all for your continued support!

– George

25th Anniversary Cyan Wheels & Rims