Zach Krejmas – Welcome to the Team

Zach is a man of many talents. Besides working full time as one of Ride BMX‘s main video producers, he also manages to do some proper shredding around town. We’re proud to have him on the team and his video debut is not one to be missed.

Reeves – Long Beach Park Mix

Here’s Garrett Reeves with a Long Beach Park mix from Vital BMX. Generally, park edits are often filled with the same old ingredients but you can always count on Garrett to spice things up a bit. Moves like front side pedal grind to 180 and fast plant nose wheelies make this a refreshing edit to watch.

Homan – Woodward Tahoe

Van Homan joins Ryan Nyquist, Pat Casey, and Zak Earley at Woodward Tahoe to celebrate the release of Bell’s new helment, the Segment.


Van Homan was at this year’s Simpel Session this weekend and Vital BMX caught up with him for a bike check. There’s some bike riding tossed into the mix on this one, so make sure to watch it!