George French / Ride On Interview

Ever wanted to learn a little more about the history of GSport? Well, Ride On has you covered. This three part video series covers everything from George’s first desire to start a BMX company, all the way to what he’s up to today.

Van Homan / Ender Ender

The story behind this ender is too good. It took three trips over the course of years for Van to even get a solid go at this setup, and despite the not-so-ideal conditions, Van made it work perfectly on his first try.

The Van Homan Podcast

Dig BMX just dropped this new podcast with Van Homan. Hit play to listen to a candid conversation with one of BMX’s greatest game changers.

Van Homan – Rare Air

Van Homan takes us on a trip down memory lane to revisit his childhood dirt jumping beginnings. The “Pit of Doom” is where it all began.

Van Homan – Friday Interview

Van Homan has been around for a long time and the influence of his Criminal Mischief part from over a decade ago can still be felt today. Judging by this week’s interview from Ride BMX, it doesn’t look like he’d be easing up on that throttle any time soon. He’s fully recovered from his knee injuring and back to whipping 30 foot gaps again.

It’s rewarding knowing that there’s plenty of things I’m capable of now that I couldn’t have dreamed of back in 2001.

– Van Homan

Click the photo above to read the rest.

Thompson – Sturdy Wrists

This is most likely the largest gap to feeble (on a round rail nonetheless) you’ll ever see. Hit up Dig BMX for Dave’s full Sturdy Wrists interview and a whole slew of other equally crazed photos.

Also, if you haven’t watched the Killjoy DVD, you’re slacking! All the photos from Dave’s interview were shot during filming.