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Want to win a signed DAK shirt like the one above?

We have the following signed shirts available:
1- Small
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1- XL

All you have to do is answer the following questions correctly, and email your shirt size and answers to:

What town does Dakota call home?
What Mexican food spot does Dak frequent often?
What other sport(s) does Dakota mess around with?

USA only. First come first serve.

Jeff Zielinski & the DAK shirt

We’ve all been friends with Jeff Z. for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before one of his rad photos ended up on a shirt. That shirt is the current “DAK” shirt featuring Huntington Beach’s Dakota Roche.

We asked Jeff to write a few words behind this photo. Read on:

I actually shot this tooth hanger with Dakota on two different occasions. The first time we shot it, I met Dak at the spot along with Robbie Morales, Chase Dehart, and Chris Cole…yup, the pro skater. The crew was hyped and it was looking like it might turn out to be a pretty productive day, and as usual, Dak was ready to shoot almost as soon as I got there. I went back to my car to get my gear and my trunk wouldn’t open! Unlike some cars, there isn’t access to the trunk from behind the seats, so I tried the keyhole on the trunk and locking and unlocking the power locks what felt like a hundred times—then I resorted to kicking the trunk out of frustration because the damn thing was definitely not opening.

Eventually, Dak just wanted to get it over with so they could film it, so I ended up shooting it with Robbie’s prosumer DSLR. Although using someone else’s camera doesn’t feel as weird as riding someone else’s bike, his camera still felt way too light to shoot such a heavy move.

After Dak pulled it, I immediately left to find a locksmith and I called him (Dak) from the car and asked if he would mind re-shooting it. Like the champ he is, he was totally down for it, so we went back a few weeks later and shot the photo how I originally intended to shoot it—with a Hassleblad 501 cm, 80mm lens, three strobes, on Fuji Provia 100F 120.

– Jeff Zielinski

The G-Sport DAK shirt is available now at shops & mailorders. Dealers feel free to call 562-623-9995.

ALSO, we will be doing a giveaway soon for some of these shirts signed by Dakota, so keep checking back.

PHOTOS: 2010 S&M Rail Jam


The 2010 S&M Rail Jam just went down and both Dakota Roche and Dave Thompson put in some solid effort and fired out some wildness. Click around the gallery above to see some of the stuff that went down!

X-Games 16 Recap

Photo from‘s X-Games Street Coverage

Congratulations to Dakota Roche for making it in the top 5 of this year’s X-Games! He put in a good mix of burliness and tech and we were psyched to see him all the way to the finals.

Van Homan’s X-Games experience didn’t go as well and a skull fracture took him to the hospital. He was in the ICU this weekend but hopefully should be in regular care by now. Get well soon Van!

Homan and Roche in X-Games

Van Homan and Dakota Roche are competing in Street for this year’s X-Games. Aside from a nasty spill that Van took towards the end of street practice, both look like they have some moves up their sleeves. Watch the practice video above from Ride BMX. Street prelims happen today and finals tomorrow. Good luck guys!

UPDATE: I guess Van’s spill was much worse than we originally thought. He’s in the hospital right now and out of X-Games. Get well soon Van!

Roche – July 2010

↑ Download: MP4 or MOV (iPhone)

Well, here it is. A fresh new edit from Dakota. Sorry for holding it hostage for a bit but we’d really like to keep in touch with you guys via Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page ended up winning the race to 1000 so thanks to everyone on there!

Filmed and edited by Dak and his buddies, this new edit they put together had everyone in the office psyched. There’s quite a few unexpected clips and some street lines that just shouldn’t be possible. Hope you guys like it! Click the SHARE button in the top left to send it around to your friends and copy the embed codes!